this is the kind of shit I think about when someone starts in on the Dean-the-caretaker song and dance. like, this is early S7. Sam is clinging to reality with white knuckles, with Lucifer whispering in his ear, and yet somehow he’s the one who’s coddling Dean’s emotional state, which is “almost feeling some regret about having stalked and murdered Sam’s friend.”

and yet somehow Dean’s the ~giver and Sam’s the ~taker

I thought the same damn thing when I rewatched. Like… WHY is Dean getting questions about how he’s doing when he has barely anything to be upset about while Sam is LITERALLY fighting off Hell. Comparatively, Dean’s pain is laughable to Sam’s, yet Sam constantly checks in on Dean and stows his own pain while Dean gets to throw fits and be passive aggressive.

Had it been the other way around and Dean was suffering Hell memories, Dean most definitely would NOT be checking in with Sam to see how he was doing with any struggle he may be suffering from, and more than likely he would probably berate him and point out how ridiculous Sam’s suffering is compared to his own. 

SOMEHOW though, Dean gets to do this no matter WHAT.

It’s gross that the fandom clings to stories of Dean being a caretaker to Sam but ignore blatant examples of him being shitty like this, over and over. Sometimes I think it’s because the narrative tells instead of shows, sometimes, that the fandom remembers selectively, but I’m wrong. I give them too much benefit of the doubt. The narrative shows Dean being a dick just as often as it tells of Sam’s suffering, but the fandom really does just actively choose what to buy into and what not to. 

idk, this went off the rails but basically, all that to say I agree.